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Products - Gearbox


5 Speed T5 Gearbox Conversion - MK2 - E-Type

The difficulty has always been to find a 5 speed gearbox that fits nicely to MK2's and E-Types without making huge modifications. We have available T5 conversion kits available for MK2's and E-Types with no body modifications required.


5 Speed Getrag Gearboxes

The Getrag gearbox is extremely smooth and strong. The Getrag was used by Jaguar from the late XJ6 Series 3 and future models. The gearboxes are very strong and reliable. We have fitted many of these gearboxes to XJS and Xj6 models with great success. Tests conducted from 1 to 100kph on the XJS conversion proved an increae in power of approximately 30% compared to automatic form.


Aluminium Flywheel - All Models

Increase performance. We carry a large range of aluminium flywheels to suit all models. Up to 1/3 of the weight of a standard Jaguar flywheel.
Uprated Flywheel Lockplates  

Uprated Flywheel Lockplates

Available for all manual models.

Hi-Tensile Flywheel Bolts

Available for all manual models.